aph germany confirmed for furry

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We need to remember this actually happened and he started monologuing because he was so distraught and then you hear him crying 


I made more.


Thus the day ends. However, I am still unable to figure him out.

unf ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

damn baby makin me hot


so i have this headcanon that sometimes and i mean ONCE IN A BLUE MOON when nepeta is feeling very sad or very lonely she will ask equius to finger her or like eat her out and he doesnt question it he just does it because hes so flattered that she trusts him enough to let him do that and hes so fucking gentle with her for sure and he whispers sweet things in her ear like how much he loves her and how he’ll always be there for her no matter what and how she looks so so beautiful all the time and afterwards they’ll cuddle for hours and touch foreheads and whisper to one another and maybe cry a little because it gets so intense and emotional sometimes and equius might even apologize because he feels like maybe he overstepped his boundaries as a moirail but nepeta is so good to him and he knows that shes okay with it and they both wake up the next morning feeling really really nice and they drink coffee and play scrabble

i just love meowrails a lot okay


meowrails :3


meowrails :3

Put ‘unf’ in my ask if you find me attractive.



*anxiously waits for the zero messages i’ll get*

pls and thank you

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this is my new favourite thing on here


this is my new favourite thing on here

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I didn’t know nash grier was in a horror game

why did you do this? why? he’s a good being, sure hes made his mistakes, but how dare you compare freddy to this monstrosity. smh 




did anyone ever find out how teen spirit smells

fun fact for the followers: kurt cobain had a girlfriend whose deodorant he used a lot and one of their friends wrote ‘kurt smells like teen spirit’ and he thought it was some sort of rebellious slogan and it stuck with him

but what it really meant is he smells like chick deodorant


I….I fucking own this. It’s in my bathroom.